Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zelda Dungeon Articles

I've been back in electricity for a while, and I am thankful for it.  

Anyway, I have been working on an article for the Zelda Dungeon website and just got my kick-in-the-pants to hurry up and edit it.  I wrote it up for fun, but the editor of articles over there gave me a deadline. This is cool, it means they're most definitely interested in the article to post it.  All I really need to do on it, according to folks who've given me feedback on the rough draft, is a little bit of expansion.  I am happy that my writing is in-demand, as it were, even though it's fan-geekery that I'm doing for free. The article will be "Broken Worlds: The Meloncholy Settings of The Legend of Zelda."  - Explores darker and sadder elements of the games, but mostly, how the settings of the games all seem to take place among ruins. 

It'll be my second article for the Dungeon.  My first was "The Legend of Zelda and Religion."  I was surprised at how well-received it was, actually. I asked the moderators specifially to watch and moderate the comments closely for fear of it turning into a flame-fest and it didn't (at least last I looked in on the commentary).  In the end, I was VERY PLEASED that people visiting and commenting a website for videogames were so much more mature and rational than the people I see on websites for "actually for serious" topics, such as news-sites.  Seriously, I go to news websites addressing religion and I see people flip their nut on articles that are just cold statisitcs.  (Looked in on an article on Huffington Post regarding demographic-statistics for the five largest religious affiliations.  The #3 spot was kind of iffy - some were glad to be included/acknowleged as existing while others in it were "Oh HOW DARE you include us in this!" Yeah, crazy, and that doesn't include the "random preaching" and ego-feeding that have nothing to do with the original article that seem to be staples there).  Eh, anyway, I'm glad my topic didn't get that - because apparently, videogamers know how to keep their peace, as in "Hey, we're all different, but we all like the same awesome game series, yay!" 

I expect to work on more "worldbuilding speculation" style articles for the Dungeon in the future.  I'm thinking of one about the various fan-interpretations of Dark Link, I might take on the Sheik Gender-Debate (if I'm brave), I might try something about the nature of Zelda fan fiction writing... or I may go to the Topic Pool on the restricted Article Writing/ Proofing portion of the forum for members-of-rank to search topic ideas. The possiblities are endless.   

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