Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Health Stuff that No One Cares About

It is probably one of the reasons why I haven't been doing as much original writing as I'd like to lately. (I have been prolific with fanfics, though).  If it's not one thing it's another, right?  If I'm not distracted by videogames, it's something else...

My health hasn't been great lately.  It's been going off and on for months, but I've been having stomach problems.  The first two times I went to my doctor, he dismissed me with just having a virus that was going around and gave me some anti-nasuea pills.  The last time I went to him with "Yo, this is NOT a friggin' cold! They don't last for months!" and he finally drew up some stuff for me to get tested.  I have some tests in process and another I have to arrange via phone tag. To get a GI doctor is even more of a hassle because the one the doctor gave me a name and number to doesn't take my state-sponsored poor-people insurance. 

I like to say that in my perfect world, people wouldn't care about things like money and insurance - we'd all just take care of each other, people with skills would take care of those of us without and, in turn, I can do art for you or something but it's all done out of a love for one another.  However I'll only see such a world the day I start farting rainbows and sparkles - or maybe after I'm dead if Heaven is a real thing, but when I'm dead I won't have a need for a GI doctor.   Until then, I get to deal with beauracracy, yay!

I'm getting sick a lot - nasuea, throwing up, severe burning and lurching stomach- pain. I think I might have ulcers, but I do not know. 

All I know is that it's getting worse of late and that it's cutting into work.  I've been taking a lot of days off.  Tonight, since everything was going fine today until it went south on me at the last minute, my guy (who has worked all day at his job) has decided to go in to cover for me - this is the second time he's had to do that.  Mine's a job with a lot of leeway, but not one where I can call out an hour before work unless I'm literally in the hospital because... it's a job taking care of animals.  It is expected that *someone* is going to be there to give them food and water at least.   That's what happens when I'm afraid I'm not going to get to work without spewing all over the car.  I've gone to work and spewed at work and kept on....

This is just... annoying. Pissing me off.  I want to know what's wrong with me and I want it taken care of. 


  1. Have you tried to see if you have food allergies by eliminating things? I didn't want to be gluten intolerant but it seems i am. Also lactose. These things are crazy common lately.

    1. I did get a GI doctor and I got some pills that are helping. It was apparently an acid-thing.

      It might be related to/precursor to diabetes, though, which is scary, but doesn't surprise me, since it's something that all the women in my family eventually get.

      Hopefully my problems just stemmed from something like eating too much spicy food throughout my life or some kind of natural refluxing thing (I've actually had a bit of a heartburn sensitivity all my life).