Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Beast of Time

I finished this today.  I think it may just be one of my better bone-art pieces.  Cow, dead of natural causes (my parents got me the skull long ago at a yard sale and I had it in storage for years before deciding to do anything with it).  Use of random found objects.  The gear is from a car or bike or something - not a clock, but I still think it works.  

One of the weirder questions I've ever asked anyone: "What do you think the color of Time is?"  I asked this to a pair of my online/AIM friends (Hello, Lilith and Laihiriel!) I got the answers of "Blue" and "Black" respectively and thought both made sense.  Blue seems to be the color of "time energy" used most often in fiction/film and black has connotations of mortality (in Western culture) and that certainly relates to the inevitable march of time (also, it's a skull...) 

Don't worry, I don't need that key for anything. I'm pretty sure it was for something I left behind when I left Arizona.  I've kept it aside for eventual use in an art project, and here it is.


  1. That's really cool. I especially like the Roman numerals next to the gear. At first glance, you just think, "ooh, pretty", and then you think, "holy crap, that's a freakin' skull!", and then you look closer and you get to thinking about all the rich symbolism and connotations. It's like that Damien Hirst diamond-encrusted skull, only good.

  2. I have a deep yearning for this. I don't . . . it's . . . wow.