Monday, July 18, 2011

The Day a Monster from Anime Attacked Philadelphia

On a fine Thursday in July, Philly became Tokyo 3.  Aaaah! It's an Angel from Neon Genesis Evangelion!  Call NERV before it destroys us all!!!!!!

Actually, it's supposed to be a space station, I think.  That's what it's called.  It's the stage for U2's 360 Tour!

And here is me in front of it, wearing my shirt from the Vertigo Tour when it came to town. 

Seeing as U2 is my favorite band (yeah, I know Bono has one of the biggest egos out there - I like their music and am not apologizing, so shut up... In fact, I find it kind of cute that these guys think they can save the world - aw!)  my Bob got me tickets (and what he had to go through to get the tickets!) as a birthday gift because... hey, he's got a job now and we aren't scraping together every last scrap to pay the rent anymore, yay! 

I think the band, as over the top as they are, were upstaged by their stage this time.  Lookit this thing!

To borrow a lyric: "I've never seen a moon like this - can you see it, too?"  The moon rising over the outdoor stage was neat, as well as the airplanes overhead banking to see what was going on. 

Kinda looks like a temple, actually - the temple where people worship Bono.  Nah, still looks like it belongs in Eva.   (Unfortunately, that wikipedia article has no picture of the Angels - the series' monsters, nor does the TV Tropes page for it and I am too lazy to go searching for images, but, yeah, they're weird and if you've seen the anime, you should know why Bob and I were referencing it while looking at that stage). 

Bob and I started out our day by getting up (in the afternoon, as is my way), and heading to a Bob Evans (resturant) to stuff ourselves with sausage gravy (It's like... what you get when you render a pig. My apologies to all my Kosher, Halal and vegitarian friends, but it's one of the things that makes life worth living for me and it makes me think that it's too bad for Anthony Bourdain that he doesn't do chain resturants).  We headed into the center of the city, noted that the line to see the Liberty Bell was too long (I decided I'll only do something that touristy if I ever get my parents over for a visit).  We walked around Chinatown and I bought some ink to replace the half-spent stuff I got the last time I was there. 

We got to The Link (Lincoln Financial Field) and I got blindsided by a One campain activist and wound up signing a petition.  "Vaccines for poor people" - I mean, how could I refuse? Then Bob and I took some photos, snacked on pretzels, did some "Planespotting" of the aircraft overhead and generally waited around for three hours because we thought things were going to start sooner than they did.  The opening act was Interpol, and after that, we got a half hour or so of interesting statistics.

Then, there was the concert, which was very much fun - and full of dancing by our drunken neighbors in the seats around us, and me throwing up peace-signs, and Bono praising our sports teams and cheesteaks (I cheered for that, though most of the crowd was silent!), and at one point, the audience was led in singing "Happy Birthday" to Nelson Mandella, and Bono swung around from his lighted microphone like an idiot even though he's been recovering from a jacked-up back.

I swear rock stars suffer perpetual mania.

All in all, I had fun.


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