Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beaureaucrats in the Basement

Typing this from a Burger King's wi-fi on a borrowed laptop battery...

It happened again.  Power company cut off our power - one day, ONE FUCKING DAY before we could pay the bill.  Called them. No, they couldn't have waited a fucking day.  No, they wouldn't accept minimum payment.  Thankfully, my mother is a saint and paid them our back bill.  They still haven't turned on our power.

24-72 hours, they say. And those might be BUSINESS hours, which doesn't count the weekend, which is what we are going into.  Heard on the news that our area was bracing for another heat wave, no less. (At least it's not Arizona, but still).  And no, medical conditions don't apply for them if they're psychiatric.  No, it doesn't matter to them that I was punching the walls today.  It's not going to matter until someone even more volitile than I am (and triggered by the heat ) does something to one of their offices.  They were rude to Bob (my SO and support) on the phone, too. 

I insist on us getting a different power company if we can. I'm sick of this shit. 

We still have running water, but we do have a sensitive cat we're worried about. And food... we're going to try to ice down what we can. 

I thought since Bob had a job now that we wouldn't go through this again.  I still want my wood-burning stove and my root-cellar.  Or at least not to have to work with businesses that act like the freakin' Mafia.

My theology lately is one where I doubt that what people might call "Hell" is eternal.... however, Bob likes to write in some of his fiction about the "Attic" and the "Basement"  - I asked him tonight about the fate of beaureaucrats in his stories. He said "They're all on their way to the Basement."  That makes me happy.

I wish we lived in a world where money and status weren't issues, where we all just took care of one another and people didn't treat each other like this ("their jobs" be damned).  If I can't have that, can I at least have an electrical generator powered by the blood of beaureacrats?

In any case, for any of my friends on AIM and such or who are used to seeing me around blogs are reading this - I might be gone for a while.  Depends on if people get their act together this weekend or sooner.

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