Monday, April 2, 2012

The Easter Bunny Mafia

The Easter Bunny Mafia...

Bob and I were on our way home from a dinner-buffet when we had one of those stupid car-conversation sessions we wished we had a recording device for. 

We may just have a really demented children’s book in the works (initial idea-stage). Seeing a sign on the side of the road for some church’s Easter Egg Hunt prompted conversation about Easter and egg-hunting.  I recalled how my extended family would get together for Easter at my parents’ place and how I liked hiding the eggs more than searching for them… one of my favorite hiding spots was the exhaust-pipes of the cars. That led to me proclaiming my youthful knowledge of biology/zoology:  My family raised rabbits for a time when I was a kid. I knew they didn’t lay eggs. They laid… other stuff.   

Then Bob said “Of course the bunnies in the commercials don’t lay eggs, they get them from the chickens.  They force the chickens to give them their young!” 

And somehow, that lead to the idea about bunnies being the mafia, extorting labor and tribute out of chickens.  The Big Cluck will stand up to them, forming their own group. Meanwhile, some young bunny who “goes against the family” gets a pair of comically egg-shaped cement shoes and the Big Cluck hires out cats as assassins to get the bunnies.  (Inspired by one of the cats that lives on the horse-farm I work at… there’s a cat whose expertise is in hunting baby wild rabbits). 

Cat-assassins get paid in fish and sushi.  Chickens get force-fed chocolate by the mafia-bunnies to make them pre-fill their eggs… the rabbits have a racket with chocolate and the human stores that sell it…

I haven’t actually seen “Hop,” but from the reviews/summaries, this would be a far, far darker version of that. Haha.  I said, in illustrating this, I wouldn’t make it “kiddie-friendly,” I’d SHOW stuff like the bunny getting cement shoes, just because something like this *needs* to be totally demented.

So, what do you think?  “Heartwarming” children’s picture book material? 

In all this, I told Bob of the existence of the book “Go the **** to Sleep” and how one can find it on YouTube narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. If that exist, why not The Easter Bunny Mafia?  

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