Friday, October 21, 2011

The Four-Points of Death

The Grim-Reaper type characters from The Static-Lands Saga.  From Ilkhan mythology, but not mythology believed by all.  These characters were breifly outlined in the story "The Last Dream" and the dog-character was featured in "Overridden."  This is thus-far. I am thinking of more stories featuring this particular mythology-of-death.  

The Hart of Gold - He takes souls to a favorable afterlife, to the cliff leading to a mysterious place called the Celestial Forest.  Acrylic and ink (with some glitter) over watecolor paper painted with a "tea" I made from dead maple leaves.

The Wandering Cat - She deals with ghosts / spirits caught in a wandering state.  Clients who didn't believe in the afterlife and are surprised to find themselves there are common charges of hers.  Very snarky. Based on the family cat.  Acrylic and ink over marble-print paper (that I had leftover from some papercraft project).

The Diamond-Eyed Dog - He deals with people who are destined to be reincarnated.  Suicides are common charges of his.  Acrylic and ink over watercolor paper stained with roobios/red-bush tea.

The Lady of Chains - She takes people to the bad place... not "hell" as we know it (and as another, extinct religion of the Static-Lands knew it), but the Barrens - an empty desert were cruel, petty souls are destined to wander, alone with their shame and their thoughts for eternity or until they change enough to find the direction out of that place - whatever comes first.  It may not be burning sulfur, but you still don't want to see the Lady when you die.  Also known as the Scavenger (and the horse is "Andreas" which is a very weird little reference I'll explain if you ask nicely), this character has actually been recycled from an earlier work - a fantasy novel I wrote some time ago but am no longer happy with.  I still liked the character, so I repurposed her.   Acrylic and ink over watercolor paper stained with soy sauce. 

I may make a print available at my Deviant Art space as soon as I reconfoobulate my print-sale information there.  Sorry about the small size here - my print-setup size is a nice, big 16 x20.

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