Thursday, June 30, 2011

Illustration for "Whitt"

Whitt and Oro in the ancient graveyard from the story "Whitt."  For those of you wondering what Ilkhan people look like, here you go.  Whitt and Oro are unusual, however, in that their colors differ from the norm.  I imagine most Ilkhan have brown/gray "deer-features" while Oro is golden and Whitt is white.  The scanner didn't do it justice and I took a few liberties from the story for the artwork - I described the scene as them in a thick-woods while the art displays an open clearing for the sake of featuring a beautiful moon. Also, in the story, I didn't imagine Whitt holding the Lambs' flag - I included it for visual drama.  Also, I'm pretty sure that I'm not a dead hero of some forgotten war.  (In fact, I had in mind that if I were to insert myself in any way as a cameo in any of these Static-Lands stories, it would be as the un-punctual lady-wizard that caused the static night and day cycle in the first place.  I did base her on my inability to be on time unless circumstances force me). 

Anyway, no one's commented on that story to indicate that it was ever read.  It would be nice to get some feedback on it. I did an illustration, anyway.  Nyah. 

Ink and acrylic paint on hot press watercolor paper. I was lucky to find some leftover paper stowed away from some art class I took years ago.  If you're looking to go out and get it, it tends to be expensive.

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